To be continued: Our History.

Hi-Cone has been providing great packaging solutions since 1961. Learn more about the history of Hi-Cone - and make sure to come back soon. There's more to come...

After years of development, the first commercial use of the Hi-Cone 6-pack ring carrier began at Anheuser-Busch.  A prototype machine with a rotating drum to apply the carrier was also shipped to AB.  The system was designed to run at 1200 cans per minute.

The initial success of the ring carrier design and the potential created by the product led ITW to form a new division to support the customers.  In 1962, Hi-Cone was launched as its own division and it has been innovating and supporting leading companies with packaging solutions ever since.

The "uniform pitch" carrier was introduced which allowed 4, 6 or 8-packs to be produced from the same carrier, reducing the need for packaging inventory and allowing greater line flexibility.

Photodegradable carriers were introduced by Hi-Cone. The ‘ECO’ trademark was established for this material. In ultraviolet light such as sunlight, the carriers degrade and break down into smaller and smaller pieces of inert, harmless material.

Hi-Cone introduces multipacks for plastic containers. The carrier and application machine was first utilized by Coca-Cola for PET beverage bottles.

Hi-Cone introduces its HandiPac carrier for application to the sidewall of beverage cans. The products featured easy-to-carry side handles and 'EZO' tear tabs for easier removal of containers from multipacks.

Welded Top Lift handle carriers for plastic containers were introduced with a ‘Zipper’ opening feature.

Promotional Panel Carriers were introduced to provide a means for promotions, billboard and couponing without the need for additional point-of -purchase materials or packaging.

EAC elongated aperture carriers were introduced to allow one applicating machine to service lines with different diameter containers. Quaker Oats was the first customer and utilized the carriers on Propel fitness water.

ColorPak® carriers are introduced to the market. Pigmented carriers are now used to increase sales through point-of-purchase impact.

Hi-Cone's container orientation system for cans and plastic containers is introduced. High speed graphic orientation allows for billboard impact without additional packaging.

BrandPak™ is introduced to the market as an innovative and practical packaging solution. Research shows that the package increases sales of existing products.

Hi-Cone introduces its multipitch can machine, allowing one machine to run multiple can diameters. The machine range allows for line flexibility, rapid market response, reduced inventory and faster implementation of new products and promotions.

3-wide machines increase machine flexibility & New look and identity to Hi-Cone brand

Shaped and uniquely decorated carriers provide increased shelf impact for major brands.

Removable take away items deliver on on-shelf marketing to beverage companies