ADAM Award in silver for Drinktec booth

Hi-Cone wins the most prestigious industry award for excellent brand and trade fair presentations.
Hi-Cone Unveils New
Look at Drinktec

Hi-Cone has a new corporate look to convey its core message that for consumer goods companies, their customers and the environment, less packaging is the best packaging.

The new corporate image was unveiled at the recent Drinktec exhibition in Munich. Hi-Cone participated with a sleek, stylish but simple booth designed to mimic the shape of a ring carrier. A prominent island in the center of the exhibit displayed different configurations of consumer products in Hi-Cone packaging. A bright and striking overhang was constructed with hundreds of ring carrier replicas. The huge international beverage industry show drew some 60,000 attendees.
Reactions to the Hi-Cone display were surprised but enthusiastic, according to Jeff Neitzel, Hi-Cone’s Director of Marketing.

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Hi-Cone Volunteers
‘Sweep’ Osterman Beach

As part of its ongoing support for environmental causes, Hi- Cone has worked with the Alliance for the Great Lakes for nearly 20 years to enhance awareness about preserving and protecting some 1,700 miles of Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Every year, Hi-Cone participates in the organization’s Coastal Cleanup, an effort for which groups of volunteers work on the lake’s beaches collecting accumulated debris. After the clean-ups, the trash is analyzed to identify major sources of litter and to support more informed public policy. “Adopt-a-Beach” volunteers and sponsors are individuals, schools, companies and community groups. Hi-Cone employees donated their time on a beautiful September Saturday at Osterman Beach on Chicago’s north lakefront. As usual, Hi-Cone volunteers were joined by Ill. Rep. Harry Osterman, for whose mother, Kathy, the beach is named.

Walmart’s Sustainability Push Drives 
Packaging Reductions

Walmart continues to set a fast pace in driving product sustainability measurements with its 100,000 suppliers.

In July, the company announced it will develop a worldwide sustainable product index that creates a single source of baseline data to gauge the sustainability of goods sold in Walmart stores. Many of Hi- Cone’s beverage company customers depend on Walmart for a significant percentage of their U.S. sales, and they are finding that Hi-Cone packaging can help them comply with the retailer’s aggressive standards.

Recycling Enthusiast Brings Ring Leader
to SouthwestAirlines

Native Oregonian Sheila DiPace says environmental awareness is in her DNA.

“In Oregon, recycling is a way of life that simply is expected if you choose to live there,” says DiPace. Now residing in Florida and working for Southwest Airlines (SWA), Sheila continues her environmental efforts, and recently persuaded SWA’s provisioning department in Orlando to begin a six-pack ring recycling program.

“Sheila is devoted to recycling and became active in Hi-Cone’s Ring Leader recycling program in April. In just six months, the Southwest Airlines volunteers have sent Hi-Cone 195 pounds of plastic or about 24,375 ring carriers for recycling and there are 50 more pounds in a warehouse,” said Angie Donati, Hi-Cone’s Recycling Coordinator.

Pepsi chooses Hi-Cone
for Make-A-Wish campaign

Pepsi Americas used merchandising panels on Hi-Cone beverage carriers for a successful promotion earlier this year to raise funds for the popular Make-A-Wish Foundation® charity.

The campaign was active from April 13 through June 30. For every panel affixed on 12-oz. six-packs of Pepsi Cola products that consumers mailed to Pepsi, the company donated 25 cents to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Pepsi Americas initiative raised $57,500.00. Consumer feedback to the campaign was favorable, according to Hi- Cone’s Duane Derksen. “The labeled carriers helped give the campaign immediate impact on the shelf. This promotion is another example of the marketing power of Hi-Cone carriers for special promotions,” Derksen said.

Brewers Rely On Small
Packs in Down Economy

Tall boys beers' are back.

After years of near hibernation, six-packs of 16-ounce cans of beer are making a comeback in the U.S. market along with 12-ounce small packs. More and more, consumers are taking home small packs of popular brands from major brewers like Anheuser- Busch and Miller-Coors.
What’s driving the comeback? In a word, value. Large brewing companies are offering attractive pricing for 16- ounce six-packs of their popular brands. “It’s a great price and sales are strong,” said a cashier at a large liquor store in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, where a six-pack of tall boy cans of Miller High Life sells for $4.99 and Budweiser goes for $4.79.

Hi-Cone at drinktec 2009:
Big Success with MIN=MAX.

The days of “quicker, higher, further! Are gone”.

September 2009 For Hi-Cone, Drinktec 2009 was an outstanding success; indeed, it was a success beyond even our most optimistic expectations. The response to our new “MIN=MAX” image presentation, our new brand design, the new website and the new brochure with all our products, was nothing short of overwhelming. 

Tim Gardner-President Hi-Cone Worldwide: “Today ideas like the Multipack-carrier from Hi-Cone are more right and more important than ever before. The days of 'quicker, higher, further' Are gone”.

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“The open design of the stand lowered entry barriers and attracted the attention to MIN=MAX. The table with samples was the attraction point to touch, feel and convince yourself about Hi-cone. The design of the booth, CD, business card and brochure made a huge contribution to presenting the company with the highest professional standards. In the follow up there was a great retention of our booth; all recalled what they had seen (It was especially great for new contacts).”

Ton Hoppenbrouwers, Hi-Cone

“The booth was a breath of fresh air and a stunning positive change for Hi-Cone”

Steve Henn, Hi-Cone

“I never had so many good conversations on an exhibition.
The response to our image change was amazing”

Jordi Avellaneda, Hi-Cone

“I could never imagine that an image change creates such an effect.”

Hans Meyer, Hi-Cone

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Hi-Cone Products

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Efficiencies Help Hi-Cone 
Reduce Energy Use & Emissions

As part of its continuous improvement and innovations effort, Hi-Cone scrutinizes how its products are packaged for shipment to customer production sites.

"By finding ways to optimize the number of pallets for every truck, we had fewer trips in 2008, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions into the environment. This year, we are investigating concepts for managing packaging to maximize the number of carriers per truckload while efficiently using trailer space, Said Hi-Cone's George McClory. Last year, Hi-Cone's efforts to increase the density of its truck shipments to key accounts eliminated 93 deliveries.

"This year, we are investigating concepts for managing packaging to maximize the number of carriers per truckload while efficiently using trailer space."

George McClory, Hi-Cone
BrandPak Launched in Latin America

Hi-Cone's distinctive BrandPak™ beverage carrier is catching on outside the U.S.

With recent adoption by two major brewing companies in Latin America. Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua (CCN) and Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (CND) recently introduced BrandPak in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. So far, consumers have shown great enthusiasm for the package. "BrandPak gives these brewers something new and different for their markets and it also is helping drive sales of multipacks," said Oscar Dominguez, regional manager, Latin America and the Caribbean, ITW Hi-Cone.

BrandPak goes back to the 
Craft Brewers Exhibition

BrandPak™ will have an exhibit at BrewExpo America in Boston, the leading educational event and exhibition designed for professional brewers.

If last year's conference is an indicator, traffic at the booth will be constant. BrandPak's application machine for bottles and cans should generate substantial attention. "With increasing interest in cans among craft brewers, BrandPak offers advantages for them to standardize on one package for both bottles and cans," said Gary Maus, Hi-Cone's manager responsible for the brewing industry. "The RingMaster™ machine is perfect for the volumes produced by most craft breweries."

Small Packs Attract Consumers 
in Tough Times

Fallout from the severe global recession is changing how consumers look at branded products, especially beverages.

"In Europe, consumers are buying more private-label brands but are less willing to purchase large quantities in multipacks of 24 or 36 that require larger cash outlays than smaller packages of name-brand products," said Ton Hoppenbrouwers of Hi-Cone. "A possible win-win situation exists, however, with small multipacks of branded beverages. Consumers can spend less money for the smaller package, and the retailer will benefit from higher margins and better store-visit frequency."

"Consumers can spend less money for the smaller package, and the retailer will benefit from higher margins and better store-visit frequency."

Ton Hoppenbrouwers, Business Unit Director,
Hi-Cone Europe
Hi-Cone marks 40 years of
operation in Charleston, Illinois,
with a celebration

On Feb. 12, Hi-Cone employees in Charleston, IL, enjoyed a catered lunch and commemorative shirts to mark the 40th anniversary of their facility.

They also used the occasion to hold a food drive for the Charleston Area Churches Food Pantry. Plant manager Tony Kemme said despite the long history in Charleston, many area residents don’t know what the facility produces. “When I say that we manufacture plastic beverage carriers, a frequent response is ‘so what else do you make.’ It’s hard for most people to imagine that we produce millions of ring carriers every day and store shelves worldwide are lined with beverage products packaged in our carriers.”

Keep America Beautiful Honors ITW 
with 2008 Vision for America Award

Keep America Beautiful has honored ITW with its 2008 Vision for America Award. 

In his remarks at the presentation, KAB CEO Matt McKenna praised ITW for the positive impact it has had in local communities nationwide. “The company’s dedication to environmental stewardship includes a wide array of recycling programs, employee volunteerism and financial support of environmental organizations. Moreover, ITW is at the front line of the sustainability movement with its minimal packaging solutions for itself and its customers. Reducing packaging waste is but one example of how ITW is streamlining operations to make its businesses work smarter and cleaner.”

"ITW is dedicated to environmental stewardship. They are at the front line of the sustainability movement with its minimal packaging solutions and its customers."

Matt McKenna, CEO,
Keep America Beautiful