Accountants' favorite drinks: Anything in Hi-Cone multipackaging.

By developing and improving
packaging technology, we maximize
value for our customers.

  • Minimal Packaging: Hi-Cone Carriers have defined minimal packaging from the beginning. Our optimal packaging allows companies and consumers maximum packaging benefit with minimal impact and waste.

  • Display Your Product: Consumers buy products, not what they are wrapped in. Consumers prefer Hi-Cone because it allows them to see what they want to see; the product they want to purchase.

  • Display Your Container: There is no better choice than Hi-Cone to show off today's unique container designs; sleek and contemporary or classic and traditional. Focus on your primary packaging, showcased in Hi-Cone Carrier to encourage purchases.

  • Sustainable: With minimal material, non-toxic formulation, minimal energy use in transportation and application, and minimal total impact in a life cycle analysis, Hi-Cone is the superior choice.

  • Photodegradable: Hi-Cone carriers are manufactured with materials that degrade in ultraviolet light, such as sunlight. Over time, they become brittle and breakdown into smaller pieces of inert, nontoxic pieces.

  • Recyclable: Hi-Cone carriers are recyclable wherever low density polyethylene is collected (Note: Recycling for this product may not exist in your area.) to minimize impact on the waste stream. Our award winning Ringleader program also offers opportunities to maximize recycling.
  • Pack Size Flexibility: Hi-Cone carriers and equipment allow companies to pack multiple pack sizes with minimal effort and packaging inventory.
  • Hot Stamp Ability: Carriers can be easily marked to share consumer messages easily and quickly without secondary materials. Hi-Cone lets the multipack do the talking.

  • Pack Integrity: Our carriers have been tested in labs and in the real world to contain and protect product in easy-to-carry multipacks. For more than 45 years, Hi-Cone has been a proven leader that customers prefer.

  • Moisture-Resistance: Consumers can put Hi-Cone straight on ice or in the fridge without worries about moisture. When the entire multipack is chilled, sales and consumption increase.

  • Promotional Panels: It is easy to introduce special messages, promotions, instant redemption coupons, and other rebates into the field with Hi-Cone. Communicate without the need for additional materials, effort, or lead time.

  • Quick Chill ®: With a design that puts the primary container directly on ice into the refrigerator, consumers know that their multipacks can be chilled without removing them from secondary packaging.


Research shows that Hi-Cone multipackaging increases sales of existing products.

Our carriers have been tested in labs and in the real world to contain and protect product in easy-to-carry multipacks.