ADAM Award in silver for Drinktec booth

Hi-Cone wins the most prestigious
industry award for excellent brand
and trade fair presentations.
New application machine for production 
of multipacks of two-liter bottles.

Hi-Cone has developed a new application machine for bottlers worldwide to produce multipacks of two-liter bottles.

The new Hi-Cone machine will have dual-pitch capability that can be converted manually to handle a broader range of bottle diameters. “As the two-liter bottle has become a mainstream container, there has been increasing global demand for large PET multipacks,” said Lonnie Seymour, Hi-Cone system engineering manager. Called the Model 875 Hi-Cone, it will support customer line speeds up to a maximum of 600 bottles per minute. The system can produce 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-packs of bottles ranging in diameter from 3.5 to 4.56 inches.

Leverages the benefits of minimal, 
energy-efficient packaging systems

Despite increasing complexities in supply-chain management, Hi-Cone has responded to customer demand with a simple strategic approach that leverages the benefits of minimal, energy-efficient packaging systems to help make the entire supply chain faster, more flexible and efficient. 

According to Charlie Gagliano, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, "Our supply-chain strategy relies on providing cost savings and added value for beverage producers, retailers and consumers, while creating high-impact shelf appeal and being conscious of environmental needs, such as reducing packaging waste."

Hi-Cone's BrandPak™ honored 
n the PACK EXPO Selects™ program. 

Hi-Cone’s BrandPak™ earned second place in the PACK EXPO Selects™ program.

The award was announced in October following the PACK EXPO Las Vegas exhibition. Twelve packages were selected as finalists among dozens of entries. Exhibition attendees cast their votes electronically at kiosks located throughout the convention center. To qualify as a finalist, a package had to be developed, produced or executed by PACK EXPO Las Vegas exhibitors. The BrandPak entry was a collaboration between Hi-Cone, CCL/Auto-Sleeve and PDC.”

Hi-Cone Officials in Sustainable 
Packaging Coalition Conference

"Hi-Cone has advocated minimal, environmentally responsible packaging options for many years and supports the SPC as a vehicle for the packaging industry to join forces in promoting environment friendly and economically sound packaging systems"

said Steve Henn, Vice President and General Manager Hi-Cone USA. "We strongly believe this group and others will have a major role in communicating the benefits of minimal packaging to businesses and consumers." Henn said SPC members are setting the gold standard for aggressive sustainable packaging initiatives in the U.S.

"Sustainable Packaging Coalition members are setting the gold standard for aggressive sustainable packaging initiatives in the United States."

Steve Henn, Vice President and General Manager, Hi-Cone USA
Independent Coca-Cola bottlers
choosing Hi-Cone for Coke's new 
12-oz. eight-packs

After weighing the benefits of paperboard “Fridge PET” package and Hi-Cone carriers, the nation’s independent Coca-Cola bottlers are choosing Hi-Cone for Coke’s new 12-oz. eight-packs of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Sprite and other products.

The first to adopt the package was Atlantic Bottling in Atlantic, Iowa. “We sat down with our people to discuss packaging options and determined that the real selling point was Coke’s new, contoured PET bottle,” said Atlantic’s President Kirk Tyler.“Why hide what makes the package unique?  Consumers like the convenience and size of the package and uniqueness of the bottle,” Tyler said.

For "Hot drink of the year"
Miller Brewing chose Hi-Cone.

A new malt beverage that Rolling Stone Magazine called the "hot drink of the year" shouldn't be marketed in just any run-of-the-mill package.

Executives at Miller Brewing Co., therefore, wanted something different and dynamic for its Sparks brand and turned to Hi-Cone for help. The Hi-Cone top-lift four-pack is being test marketed in Ohio and Florida. According to Gary Maus, Hi-Cone's National Account Manager for Breweries, Miller wanted a package for Sparks that would offer striking differentiation from other energy-drink brands. "Miller was adamant that packaging for this product should convey a premium image," said Maus.

"For Sparks Plus, Rolling Stone Magazine called it the "hot drink of the year", Miller Brewing Co. wanted to convey a premium image and turned to Hi-Cone to help."

Gary Maus, National Account Manager for Breweries, Hi-Cone USA
Hi-Cone leads another Beach Sweep
in Chicago with the Adopt-a-Beach 

On Sept. 15, Hi-Cone worked with the Alliance for the Great Lakes on its Adopt-a-Beach program at Chicago's Osterman Beach to collect and record accumulated debris.

Every year Hi-Cone employees devote their own time at Osterman Beach and are joined by more than 100 local high school students and neighbors in picking up trash and other unwanted debris. More than 1770 volunteers picked up 8,500 pounds of trash from Illinois beaches. As in past years, cigarette butts accounted for the majority of beach litter. According to the Alliance, discarded cigarette butts contain cadmium, lead, arsenic and other chemicals that seep into the waterways.

Hi-Cone supports 
Illinois Recycling Association

"Hi-Cone supports the Illinois Recycling Association to enhance our involvement and leadership in promoting conservation of natural resources, and as part of our ongoing support for responsible use of packaging materials"

said Matt Hayden, Hi-Cone's director of sustainability and environmental affairs. "Hi-Cone long has been an avid supporter of numerous environmental groups such as IRA, Keep America Beautiful and the Alliance for the Great Lakes. These organizations deserve our support, and we look forward to working with them to enhance awareness of how businesses and households can help protect the environment," he added.

Hi-Cone invited to participate in 
Wal-Mart's Sustainable Packaging 

On March 12, the Wal-Mart hosted its second annual Sustainable
Packaging Exposition, and Hi-Cone was invited to participate.

"Wal-Mart has made a commitment to reducing waste in packaging in order to sustain our resources and environment and reduce total system costs," said Matt Kistler, Senior Vice President for Marketing, Research and Insights for Sam's Club and Captain of Wal-Mart's Package Sustainability Network, in a company news release. "We are in a unique position to drive positive change in the area of sustainability by working with our suppliers."

The 2007 Hi-Cone Business Round
table states that Small Packs and Minimal
Packaging are Key Global Trends

On March 2, the Courier sat down with three of Hi-Cone’s top managers to learn their views and insights about current and emerging trends in the beverage-packaging market.

The participants were: Charlie Gagliano (CG), vice president of sales and marketing, North America, Ton Hoppenbrouwers (TH), sales and marketing manager, Europe, and Gary Privett (GP), general manager, Latin America and North American breweries. The following is an edited transcript of their roundtable discussion.  What are the most significant packaging trends in your markets?  GP: In the North American beer market, the key trend is change.

Minimal, sustainable

Hi-Cone introduces a minimal, sustainable packaging system designed for craft brewers.

At the recent Craft Brewers Conference and Expo America in San Diego, Hi-Cone promoted its minimal, sustainable packaging option, which offers brewers a long-awaited alternative to costly and wasteful six-pack paperboard basket carriers.

Called BrandPak™, the new package utilizes a top-lift handle, glass bottle ring carrier with a wrap-around stretch band. “To take advantage of today’s growth opportunities, many brewers face the challenge of automating in-line production, but they don’t need expensive packaging systems used with high-speed filling operations,” said Gary Privett, general manager, breweries.

Husky Energy, Aquafina and 
Hi-Cone Score with Unique Promo

Drivers passing through western Canada and Ontario this summer found welcome relief thanks to Big Summer Score, a major promotion that included Aquafina six-packs of 24-oz. bottles at Husky Energy convenience stores.

Six-packs dotted the landscape in large displays that prominently showcased the product in attractive merchandising panel carriers developed by Hi-Cone. "The Big Summer Score campaign was very successful again this year because our retailers were enthusiastic about the promotion and did a great job in building eye-catching displays inside and outside their stores," said Duncan McArthur, merchandising manager for Husky.

Environmental Facts on 
Hi-Cone Plastic Ring Carriers

All Hi-Cone plastic ring carriers sold worldwide are made from a special low-density polyethylene plastic, which is 100 percent photodegradable.

Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays causes the rings to weaken and become brittle. Wind and rain will break up the brittle carrier into small pieces.  When exposed to summer sunlight, a photodegradable plastic ring carrier will begin to lose its strength in a short period of time and become totally brittle in about three weeks. This process takes longer in cloudy, cold winter weather.  Once a ring carrier has been weakened by ultraviolet rays it poses minimal risk to wildlife.