ADAM Award in silver for Drinktec booth

Hi-Cone wins the most prestigious
industry award for excellent brand
and trade fair presentations.
Hi-Cone Teams with Pepsi 
on Promotions

Pepsi Americas is employing Hi-Cone Promotional Panels in major campaigns for merchandise redemption offers and support for breast cancer research with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The merchandise redemption campaign is gaining wide visibility in the media through television advertisements and on U.S. store shelves with Hi-Cone packaging. During the campaign, consumers can accumulate points by purchasing six-packs of 24-oz. Pepsi brands and can accumulate points good for music downloads, tee shirts and other items by redeeming the coupon on the Hi-Cone Promotional Panel on the carrier.

European Consumer Research 
Assesses Bottled Water Packaging

"Companies are getting the message about packaging reduction, but they are trying to reconcile it with the need to differentiate their brands on the shelf," said Ton Hoppenbrouwers, Business Unit Director, Hi-Cone Europe

"We are advising that these goals are not incompatible. Truly minimal packaging solutions are available with ring carrier multipacks, and these packages also can provide excellent shelf visibility," he said. Several European bottled water companies are exploring new packaging options, including Hi-Cone's BrandPak™,  to display graphics on their packages and achieve valuable on-the-shelf differentiation without excessive plastic waste.

"Truly minimal packaging solutions are available with ring carrier multipacks, and these packages also can provide excellent shelf visibility."

Ton Hoppenbrouwers, Business Unit Director, Hi-Cone Europe
Oskar Blues brewery in Boulder, 
Colorado, adopts RingMaster 
system for packaging cans

In 2002, Oskar Blues became the first U.S. microbrewery to brew and can its own beer.

It started filling two cans at a time and multipacking using a hand Six Packer Machine and ring carriers provided by Mumm Products, a distributor of Hi-Cone carriers to the craft brewing industry. But with increasing consumer acceptance of its beer in cans, Oskar Blues needed to step up beer production, speed the filling process and add efficiency to making six-packs for distribution. “The RingMaster™ mulitpacker provided Oskar Blues with an excellent low-speed, automated system to produce attractive six-packs of cans,” said Hi-Cone’s Gary Maus.

Daniel Thwaites and Hi-Cone
Team Up for Polo Giveaway

Beer drinkers in northwest England are looking sharp these days in new Polo shirts from Daniel Thwaites.

The shirts were the focus of a marketing campaign using Hi-Cone packaging to promote the giveaway and commemorate Thwaites 200th anniversary. To receive a shirt, coupons on Hi-Cone merchandising panel carriers (MPC) are mailed with the receipt of purchase to Daniel Thwaites. According to Graham Kitching of Hi-Cone U.K., the redemption rate exceeded expectations. "There consistently has been a 17 to 18 percent return rate, which is exceptional for campaigns like this in which 2 percent redemption is considered successful."

"There consistently has been a 17 to 18 percent return rate, which is exceptional for campaigns like this in which 2 percent redemption is considered successful."

Graham Kitching, Hi-Cone U.K.
A Ring Leader Fun Day Show was 
used to reward top student 

For the last seven years, Hi-Cone has sponsored a competition among junior schools located in Bridgend, Wales, to recycle six-pack rings, which the children call Ringos.

This year, 37 schools participated involving some 7,500 students. They collected more than 85,000 rings, an increase of 23,000 from the previous year. The six top schools were invited to attend the Ring Leader Fun Day celebration at Porthcawl Pavilion, a Victorian-style theatre. The children were entertained by a comedy recycling duo, participated in quizzes, and sang songs. The winning schools received prizes from 25 to 100 pounds.

Hi-Cone half-liter PET four-pack
introduced with Coke and Casbega in Spain

Casbega Marketing is the first bottler to introduce a new half-liter PET Hi-Cone package for Coke Spain.

According to Ton Hoppenbrouwers, Hi-Cone's director of new business development in Europe, Casbega looked at the PET package as an opportunity to "clone the success with Hi-Cone in cans." After internal and market research studies, Casbega determined that Hi-Cone was the best multipack option. Casbega now distributes half-liter four-packs to retailers in trayless pallets with six four-packs in each case. The retailer has the option of selling the four packs or letting customers purchase single bottles.

Hi-Cone reintroduces plastic 
cup carrier for concessions and 
stadium sales

Frustrated concessionaires at many sporting and entertainment venues know they could sell more products if there was an easier way for patrons to tote refreshments and food back to their seats.

Many were pleased when Hi-Cone decided to reintroduce a plastic-cup carrier that had been in limited use at Chicago's Wrigley Field and United Center. Cup-Tote carriers cost less and require 90 percent less storage space than cardboard trays. They also can be recycled like other Hi-Cone beverage carriers wherever #4 plastic is collected. Hi-Cone product manager Paul Collins said fans properly discarding plastic Cup-Totes are generating far less waste.

Students in Indiana achieve Ring 
Leader milestone as part of 
recycling education program

Students in a rural school district in Indiana collected 1,900 six-pack rings for Hi-Cone's Ring Leader recycling program.

The effort was part of a recycling education program sponsored by the Crawford County Solid Waste District.  Compliance Officer Carla J. Striegel-Winner stated: "We had over 90 percent participation from the 53 classrooms in our schools, and the teachers really got into it."  The solid waste district uses the Ring Leader Program throughout the year as part of its ongoing educational program about proper disposal methods. Crawford County is located about 60 miles west of Louisville, Ky.

"Hi-Cone's Ring Leader recycling program? We had over 90 percent participation from the 53 classrooms in our schools, and the teachers really got into it."

Carla J. Striegel-Winner, Crawford County Solid Waste District
Karlsberg's Beer-Cola Mix May Spur 
Can Sales in Germany

In Germany, sales of canned beverages have declined significantly due to government tax deposits and the reluctance of supermarkets and high-volume discounters to take back cans.

One German brewer, Karlsberg Brewing, is fighting that trend with a new canned beverage mixing beer with other flavors, such as cola, lemon and cherry. Karlsberg is working with Hi-Cone to test market the flavored beers in attractively oriented six-packs of cans. Hi-Cone and Karlsberg's can manufacturer teamed up on the billboard design for the can orientation to best display the product.

Hi-Cone accepts invitation to 
participate in Walt Disney World's 
Earth Day Celebration

Hi-Cone participated in Walt Disney World's (WDW) Environmentality Celebration on April 17 at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort to commemorate Earth Day.

In his invitation to Hi-Cone, WDW’s Communications Associate John Hughes said: “Members of our team visited your booth at the WDW Enviro Expo in December and were so impressed with ITW Hi-Cone’s efforts in green living that we would love for you to join us and share your products and services with our local Cast Members.” Through the years, Hi-Cone has worked with Disney on the Ring Leader program and materials from the program were on display.


Euro Beverage Demand Shifts to 
Smaller Sizes, Healthier Choices 
and Multipacks

Multipacks are becoming a more valuable option for augmenting or reducing utilization of two-liter PET soft-drink containers.

Six- and eight-packs of smaller cans and PET offer many consumers the serving sizes they want and allow beverage companies to maintain desired pricing.  In some newer beverage products, multipacks of smaller containers also are expected to find favor with health-conscious consumers who want their daily intake of vitamins and minerals in a convenient and pleasant-tasting beverage. Marketing beverages to a wide range of consumers by appealing to health concerns will be prominent this year and bodes well for multipac

Sustainability Movement Will 
Drive Beverage Marketing in 

The act of reducing packaging materials can trigger a chain reaction of lasting environmental benefits.

With Wal-Mart leading the charge to reduce packaging by 5 percent, retailers will be emphasizing smaller, less wasteful packages. Consumers have demonstrated they will gravitate to sustainable packages that fully meet their needs. Retailers and their beverage suppliers will test and measure the performance of different packages until they find an optimized, sustainable choice that delivers an unambiguous “win” for consumers, retailers, beverage producers and the environment. We’re confident the “win” will confirm that less is still better.