Our Principles: Maximum Environmental Responsibility.

Hi-Cone is committed to the goal of environmental responsibility. We strive to implement and maintain all our objectives related to environmental safety.

  • Recognize environmental excellence as an integral part of high quality and the highest efficiencies.

  • Operate all Hi-Cone plants and facilities in a manner which strives towards the least possible impact on the environment: Minimization of air and water pollution, conserving natural resources and energy.

  • Utilize safe technologies and practices providing efficient manufacturing processes and minimizing the generation of waste. Strive for a goal of zero resin pellet loss. Development and implementation of plans to reuse or recycle – including the goal of zero resin pellet loss – whenever possible, both in manufacturing and in our office environment.

  • Assess the environmental impact of all new product developments, taking into account current technology, customer needs and community expectations.

  • Assist employees, customers, suppliers and other interested groups in understanding the company's impact on the environment and our environmental principles.

  • Encourage employee involvement at all levels to report, suggest and recommend changes to enhance the company’s environmental excellence.

  • Assess our environmental performances in compliance with all company and legal requirements and our guiding principle on an ongoing basis.





We reuse or recycle whenever possible - both in manufacturing and in our office environment.

Hi-Cone carriers are produced from #4 Plastic, LDPE photodegradable plastic (polyethylene).