Less material, more power!

Min = Max: Maximum merchandising power with minimal input.
Hi-Cone multipackages are cost-efficient and effective marketing tools. Easy to implement and proven in performance, our products allow you to feature your primary container and the product inside.

Maximum shelf impact, billboard promotion, added promotional messages with minimum materials. With Hi-Cone multipackaging, your primary containers realize their full potential at the point of purchase – the place where most buying decisions are made. Market research consistently proves that our systems have a superior communication impact.

But there is even more to Hi-Cone. Surveys show that there is a strong preference for packages that are easy to carry and open, convenient for storage and that generate less waste for disposal. Consumers also believe minimal packaging is a lower-cost alternative. Hi-Cone multipackaging meets all the demands of today's markets. As market research shows, these advantages lead to increased sales. Minimal packaging yields maximum results: min = max.


  • Consumers win: Easy access to products & primary containers in the multipacks they want.

  • Retailers win: Maximize sales in your aisle with the highest inventory turns and profits, more sales, shorter intervals between purchases, and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Bottlers and Plants Win: Optimize SKU's with pack size flexibility, generate maximum and consistent revenue and saturate and optimize channel presence with flexibility to meet every need.

  • Brands Win: Sustainable volume growth, positioning against competitive activity and minimal use of discounts and allowances.


Graphic orientation allows for billboard impact without additional packaging.

Hi-Cone has been catching the attention of customers for more than 45 years.