Accountants' favorite drinks: Anything in Hi-Cone multipackaging.

By developing and improving packaging
technology, we maximize value for our customers.

Hi-Cone is known for its strength in equipment as much as for its leadership in packaging supplies. With high efficiency and productivity, a worldwide support and maintenance network of technicians and engineers behind the equipment and with ample stock of readily available service parts, Hi-Cone systems are a rock-solid addition to production lines. They offer reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

With low operating and energy costs, graphically-driven operator interfaces, intuitive change over details and strong equipment documentation, the equipment from Hi-Cone sets the standard for performance. The innovative culture at Hi-Cone continues to advance your operation with a focus on the metrics you can monitor: Productivity, efficiency, energy costs, setup and changeover time, inventory reduction, utilization, operating expense and staffing.


Research shows that Hi-Cone multipackaging increases sales of your products.