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Hi-Cone multipacks are engineered to conserve the environment throughout their entire life cycle. Franklin Associates has compared Hi-Cone and competing multipacks in numerous studies since 1994. In the many instances where Hi-Cone’s multipacks weighed less than the competitive packs, Franklin’s Life Cycle Inventory data confirmed that Hi-Cone carriers had sustainable advantages in energy, greenhouse gasses, and solid waste.

Minimal environmental burden

The total carrier system weight corresponds directly to energy, solid waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. Minimizing system weight and eliminating components is the primary way to reduce the environmental burden. Hi-Cone carriers use a very small amount of material to create ring carriers compared to many heavier packaging systems, thus reducing waste, resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


Minimal energy input.

Package weight and volume add significantly to the impact of any packaging and Hi-Cone's minimal design has been leading the market for many years.


Photodegradable & Non-Toxic

Hi-Cone multipacks are produced from LDPE photodegradable plastic free of heavy metals or toxic additives. In ultraviolet light such as sunlight, the carriers degrade and break down into smaller and smaller pieces of inert, harmless material. Depending on the season, carriers may break down as quickly as three to four weeks. The photodegradable carrier starts to lose its strength very quickly after exposure to sunlight. As they are lighter than water, Hi-Cone carriers float on water and continue to photodegrade. Since they contain no by-products in them, no leakage into the water occurs.

Once a photodegradable carrier has become brittle, any animal or bird which might become entangled in it can free itself easily.



Recycling reduces the need to produce virgin materials. As post-consumer recycling rates for carrier systems increase, the Hi-Cone multipackaging systems produce greater net energy savings. Hi-Cone encourages the recycling of its carriers by individuals or by participation in the Ring Leader program. Hi-Cone developed and supports the Ring Leader Recycling Program to help minimize the damaging effects of litter on the environment. The program, designed for both formal and informal educational venues, implements the "Three R's" process of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle with the use of Hi-Cone carriers.
Participants in the program collect ring carriers and ship them back to Hi-Cone. The ring carriers are used in open loop recycling. This helps to reduce litter and waste in our landfills as well as the amount of natural resources needed to create ring carriers. More than 12,000 schools, business and groups around the world have helped to save the environment by participating in the Ring Leader Recycling Program. Hi-Cone has made a commitment to the environment, the community, and to our business partners with our sustainability efforts.

* While Hi-Cone carriers can be included in recycling bins wherever #4 LDPE or mixed plastics are collected, recycling programs for this product may not exist in your area.

Please visit this link for further information: 
External Link: http://www.ringleader.com


Hi-Cone Adopt-A-Beach:
25 years of beach clean ups and record breaking efforts.

Hi-Cone continues its efforts to cleanup shorelines and promote scientific study of entanglement issues with the Adopt-A-Beach program.

Hi-Cone carriers are produced from #4 Plastic, LDPE photodegradable plastic (polyethylene).

In ultraviolet light, such as sunlight, 

the carriers degrade...

...and break down into smaller
and smaller pieces...

...of inert, harmless material.