At Hi-Cone, our VALUES that we as a company have agreed to subscribe, are the backbone by which we operate to meet our company targets, both short and long term. In the hiring and development of people we place special emphasis on these VALUES. People with these VALUES make our company to what it is and what it is able to achieve.

At Hi-Cone we FOCUS with RESPECT, TRUST and TEAM SPIRIT on EXCEEDING ourselves and the company’s objectives.



We act in our work with a positive feeling of esteem for Hi-Cone employees, suppliers and customers, as well as Hi-Cone´s properties that are for general or specific use.


We are ALL committed to do more than expected as employees, for our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Through perseverance and practice (inc.
failure) we will excell in our jobs.

Team Spirit

The belief in the sum of individual effort being stronger and better, means we work in teams that equally respect each other to exceed the customer or employee´s expectation.


We deal with people and subjects with openess, transparency and honesty and in the belief that they will act with the best of their abilities to fulfill their jobs. They trust the company to help them exceed their capabilities.


All people work towards the same company goals, consistently. We all respect that resources are limited and therefore need to be used efficiently and effectively, only for those ends that were commonly agreed upon.